Igvault Guide to All Diablo 2 Resurrected Level 85 Areas & Zone

  • In the Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Patch that is going to launch again, many spots in D2 Hell difficulty previously ranging from level 78 to 84 have been upgraded to the maximum 85 level. What new D2R level 85 areas are coming to Patch 2.4 and Ladder Season 1? Let's go through all the new Diablo 2 lvl 85 areas and their locations as well as benefits.

    Monsters in these areas will now spawn at lvl 85, potentially making them a bit more difficult, but are also capable of dropping the best D2R items in the game. These areas with a few exceptions are mostly zones that were optional while playing through the game, as there was no quest progression in these areas, so bringing them up to level 85 gives them a reason for players to visit them, these areas are littered with elite groups, most of them contain golden chests and some of them contain super unique monsters.

    What Changes You Could Get in New Level 85 Areas:

    More 85 areas means you'll have more places to find TC 87 D2R Ladder Items (see our Treasure Class page). This is a category of the rarest D2 items that drop exclusively in level 85 areas.

    This concerns, for example, the Windforce bow, the Tyrael's armor, the Death's Fathom weapon, the Crown of Ages helmet or even the Griffon's Eye diadem and the Immortal King's Soul Cage set piece. However, among the thirty items concerned, very few are actually used on high level builds.

    If you're looking for the rarest items in the game (we didn't say the most powerful), then that's good news. You will be able to have fun elsewhere and thus reduce the feeling of weariness that can take hold of you when you constantly play in the same place.

    In addition, going to level 85 zones means that the areas in question will be more difficult. The monsters will gain in power and will need to be more wary. You will find below a table of immunities for the new L85 zones.

    Finally, note that while some areas "simply" go from L84 to L85, others take several levels, which also gives them access to TC 84. Ditto for some unique rings that will be accessible where they don't. weren't before.

    D2R 2.4 Act 3 LVL 85 Areas

    Stony Tombs

    Stony Tombs is going to be very good to farm because it does not have any cold immunes or fire immunes, so if you're tired of running ancient tunnels or you're using any of those new great fire builds out there, this is going to be a place you're going to want to check out. So other things that are going for this particular area, it is pretty easy to find and it's just outside of the town in act 2 in the very first rocky waste area. It's obviously going to be easier if you're a sorceress you can teleport around faster to find it, but even if you're not you can kind of run around or use a teleport staff in order to speed up your finding this area now. Once you do find it and get down in there, you're going to be happy because it does have pretty good monster density, it does also have two different levels both of which are level 85. On top of them not being immune to cold or fire, they are incredibly slow monsters and weak, this is going to be a very popular farming spot here before Ladder season 1 of Diablo II Resurrected.

    Arachnids Layer

    Arachnids Layer is going to be primarily used for cold characters because in this area there are absolutely no cold immunes now there are already other areas that have no cold immunes that are magic found a lot, such as the ancient tunnels but even though the ancient tunnels is kind of easy to find, this is even easier. All you have to do in Act 3 is go to the spider forest waypoint and boom - the arachnids layer is right there! The map just feels a little bit more clunky than running the ancient tunnels. The monsters down in this particular area are pretty easy though they are not quite as easy as in the ancient tunnels, they aren't really anything that's going cause you a whole lot of danger. It's not like you're getting slapped down by souls blast with lightning or anything like that, so this is another one of the new level 85 areas that we think is going to be used a lot in Season 1 of Diablo II Resurrected.


    The third one on this list is one that we think is getting overlooked a lot and that is the Sewers under ACT 3. Now they've done a lot to bump up the fire characters here for the Ladder Season 1, this area is going to be for because there are absolutely no fire immunes here. It is also an incredibly easy area to find and under a couple of different waypoints, you just can just teleport around in those particular spots and find a way down to the Sewers. Now as you could guess since it's actually a couple of different waypoints this is an absolutely huge area, a lot of people might not realize but actually, you spend a ton of your time when you're magic finding. If you're going the same area over and over and over again, saving, exiting, waiting for it to load, getting back in selecting your character, and getting back down to that level. If you're running a very large area, you can actually save yourself 25 maybe even 50 percent of your time, that's where this area comes in, it is absolutely huge. There are some drawbacks to this area obviously there are these rivers or moats or little canals. Through the sewers down here and if you kill any of those batty-type people over the top of that area similar to ghosts in the arcane sanctuary, you're not going to get anything. On top of that, there is a little bit of danger down here, there are dolls that can blow up in your face and take you out in one shot if you catch the wrong one, so you should watch out for that. But if you're trying out one of those new fire builds like the hydro sorceress or the fire traps in and you want to do something a little bit different, this is one we would not sleep on.

    In all the above level 85 areas, players can find a super treasure chest to get valuable Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, but remember to bring the key (except for the assassin). If you don't have much time to farm, you can Buy D2R Runes at https://www.igvault.com/Diablo-2-Resurrected-Items with fast delivery.