EA Sports Will Soon Release FIFA 22 Beta

  • With the release date of FIFA 22 getting closer, in order to try to get feedback about the game before the official release, EA Sports will soon release FIFA 22 Beta, it's time to have some FUT 22 Coins.

    FIFA 22 Beta may be released in August, which is about two months before the final release of the final FIFA 22 game. We know this because the previous Beta versions of FIFA 21, FIFA 20, FIFA 19, FIFA 18, FIFA 17, FIFA 15, and FIFA 14 were all released in August before the initial release date.

    The reason why EA Sports releases beta versions of its new FIFA games every year is to get feedback on gameplay and game modes, suggest changes to the final game and discover any potential bugs or problems before the final version of the game is released.

    Historically, two batches of FIFA 22 Beta codes have been sent, one batch was sent in early August, and the other batch was sent towards the end. Therefore, if you miss a code in the first wave, you may receive one in the second wave.

    The first batch of codes for FIFA 22 internal testing is expected to be released around August 11, 2021, and the second batch of codes is expected to be released around August 25, 2021.

    Unfortunately, every previous EA Sports FIFA Beta is a closed beta. This means that only some players from the United Kingdom and the United States will receive an invitation to participate in FIFA 22 Beta. Now z2u.com have some FIFA 22 Accounts for Sale, will be your best choice.