WOW TBC Claissic: The changes and progress brought about by The

  • For the season of mastery that went live on November 16, many people think it is a progress server. Because, as a new classic World of Warcraft server, they will unlock new content on a faster schedule.

    These changes include faster XP efficiency, increased TBC Classic Gold difficulty of raids, and faster generation of certain resource collection nodes.

    Among them, the most controversial change is that Summoning Stones will replace those useless meeting stones. Summoning Stones allows players to bypass many instances of Azeroth's, and players do not have to go there. In addition, considering that this mechanism is the main reason why players insist on not making changes from the beginning. The season of mastery obviously has not tried to attract those players.

    Regarding video games, what is interesting for players and what is not interesting has always been a topic of concern. But, after all, the pleasures that everyone feels are different, they are subjective feelings. The way players interact with the game is personal, and in WOW Classic, we can see what happens when the fun concept of one team conflicts with the concept of another team.

    In the WOW community, #NoChanges exists as a certain type of World of Warcraft classic fun. It exists because players fear that Blizzard will make the game worse in an attempt to appease everyone.

    However, the Season of Mastery may be the first step towards modernization of WoW Classic, and it breaks free from the shackles of #NoChanges.

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