Industries and Applications of Xinyu Enameled Round Wire

  • Enameled Copper Wire , otherwise known as winding wire or magnet wire, is a highly versatile material used principally in applications that require electrical transference including transformers, inductors, motors, generators, speakers, hard disk actuators, electromagnets and other applications that require tight coils of insulated wire.

    Enameled Round Wire

    The insulation or overcoating used on enameled round wire is a type of polymer film (varnish) made from a variety of resins—typically polyester, polyglass, or polyamide—to create a tough, continuous layer of protection for the wire and allow for numerous windings in a coil without producing a short circuit. Various types of varnishes produce different characteristics or properties, such as:

    High thermal index (AI)

    Abrasion resistance (NY)

    Self-bonding (SB)

    Self-lubricating (SL)

    Enameled round wire meets temperature classes between 105 °C and 240 °C, providing a guaranteed service life of 20,000 hours at the rated temperature. Magnet wire comes in a variety of sizes and shapes such as rectangular, square, and round. Enameled wire with a thermoplastic layer to bond the coils together is used to create self-supporting coils, which eliminate the need for a bobbin and accommodate tight spaces in various electronics applications.

    Magnetic wire coils convert electrical energy into an electromagnetic field. This facilitates a variety of functions, such as increasing voltage within transformers, producing sound in headphones and speakers, powering electric motors, providing volume control, positioning transducers, and other resistor functions.

    Industries & Applications

    Because electronics and electromagnetic applications are a critical component in an ever-widening range of industries, high-quality, dependable enameled round wire is in high demand. The production facilities at Sam Dong include an in-line tester for our enamel coatings to ensure continuous, stable quality. In addition to testing, our in-line coating machine includes both drawing and coating functions carried out at the same time, producing higher production efficiency, excellent electric resistance, and reliable wire tension.

    Industries that use our enameled round wire products include:


    Home appliances


    Electrical and electronic devices

    To buy the enamelled copper wire from a manufacturer online, you need to make sure that the manufacturing company is reliable and reputed. The company should only offer quality products which abide by global and local quality standards. The products must also be thoroughly tested to make them completely safe for use. Xinyu has built its reputation on delivering wire sourcing solutions for its customers. With the largest, most varied inventory of Enameled Wire and Enameled Copper Strip found anywhere. You can click to learn more information.